About Us

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Karate-Do Indo-Ryu Association is a non-profit, non commercial reputed Registered Body having its branches all over India and various other countries as well. Our association is affiliated with various other international bodies outside India.

We have successful in establishing our branches in various countries, which includes India, USA, Australia, Kuwait, Saudi, Pakistan and Phillipines We are looking forward to strengthen our association by increasing the representatives in unrepresented areas i.e. Domestic as well as at International level.

Our aim is not only the promotion of Martial Arts as a means of self defense but also to promote it as a way of life for self defense, physical fitness & self confidence. Our aim is to develop healthy bodies with healthy minds, so that our students can become not only good martial artists but better human beings also. We teach them not only how to fight against opponents but we also prepare them against difficult situations and times. Our students excel not only in Martial Arts but other sports as well. It helps building power, stamina and concentration, what a true Martial Arts should give.